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Introducing custom domain support

Shortly after launching earlier this year, I knew I eventually wanted to support custom domains.

Thankfully, I put in some groundwork several months ago, which allowed me to get this highly requested feature built this week.

If you're familiar with Paced Email, you will know that the general email format for your account is:

Easy to remember. Simple to set up on the go. Especially with the extension for Google Chrome.

Many users had asked if it were possible to white label emails by using domain names they own. Others wondered whether they could hide the digest pace in the email address itself.

Today, custom domain support is finally ready, and I'm delighted with how it turned out.

Personalised email aliases

Adding your domains

  1. Enter your domain names via the dashboard
  2. Update your DNS provider with the provided records
  3. Wait for verification
  4. Done!

So instead of using an email like you can now use

As soon as your custom domain alias receives a message, it'll default to a daily digest. You can update this via your dashboard whenever you like — just in case you wanted to change to a weekly or monthly digest instead.


  • Personalised email aliases
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Ability to change between daily, weekly and monthly digest frequency via the dashboard


Default With custom domains

Where is a domain that you own and have verified with Paced Email.

Learn more

To find out more and for setup instructions, visit the custom domains documentation.