It's How Email Should Be. Calm. Distraction-free. Anonymous. Secure. Private.

Paced Email reduces inbox distraction, protects your online identity, and controls who can send you emails and when.

How it works

Decide when emails hit your inbox

Use personalised or anonymous Paced Email addresses to buffer yourself from messages until you want them. Batch by day, week or month into convenient digests.


Create a Paced Email

Generate anonymous or personalised email addresses on the fly or via your browser.


Use them anywhere

Sign up to websites and newsletters using your new email aliases.


Enjoy your quieter inbox

Your inbound emails are batched up and sent to you either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Latest: OpenAI powered digests now available.

Prevent email burnout

Let's face it, email notifications are distracting and constantly fight for your attention.

Regain your focus with our batched emails. Set up schedules and rules to help time block your day.

Schedule settings for when your digests arrive

Reduce spam

Keep your primary inbox free from clutter by blocking annoying senders anytime you want.

Convenient one-click temporary burner emails. Delete them when spam gets out of hand.

Anonymously shield your real identity from companies and advertisers who want to track you online.

Create rules to forward, bypass or even ignore emails

Anonymous and secure

Add your domain names or create pseudonyms for increased online anonymity and safety.

Two-factor authentication is available via authenticator apps and physical security devices.

Add your own domains to create personalised burner emails

Promote a calm environment for your team

Reduce the endless distraction of randomly timed emails throughout your team's day.

Asynchronously dealing with email in bulk allows your team to regain focus, increase productivity, and save hours every week.

Powerful account settings allow you to collaborate with your team and clients

Productivity and focus boosting email

Get a single email notification for a group of emails rather than random distractions throughout your day.

Unlimited inboxes

Create unlimited email addresses with a Premium plan.

Multiple accounts

Invite team members to use and manage your accounts.


Send email instantly. Replies arrive on your schedule.

Spam busting

Block and unsubscribe from senders with minimal effort.

Paced Email mailbox

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