Decide when emails
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Control when you receive emails by creating custom aliases. Batch messages into daily, weekly or monthly digests.

As a power user of email, I rely on a number of tools to help me stay organised and on top of the game. Paced Email is something I have been waiting for and that no other productivity tool was offering.

A brilliant, smart, useful tool that I am deeply grateful for.

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Boris Zatezic
CEO, MuLondon
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Once you have chosen a username, you just create a new e-mail address on-the-fly. It then forwards messages to your primary e-mail at the pace you want.

You have to try it to understand the brilliance.

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Per Axbom
Coach & Designer, Axbom Innovation AB

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How it works

Create new aliases on the fly. Get up and running no time.

  • 01
    Grab your username

    Let's say your username is johndoe. You can now customise the following structure as your email address:
  • 02
    Create an alias

    Either on the fly or generate one beforehand. Use your alias where you are contacted too frequently.

  • 03
    Receive your digests

    At the end of each day, week, or month, we'll send you all of your mail wrapped into a single email that can also be viewed online.

Find out more about the available options

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Example email inbox view on an iPhone device demonstrating a Paced email digest

Productivity features you'll love

Schedule digests to be sent at times that fit your work-flow.

  • Dynamic rules

    Set up filters to forward email, ignore senders or skip digests altogether. Great for teams and businesses.

  • Browser extensions

    Grab or create new email aliases while browsing the web using our Google Chrome or Firefox add-ons. Safari coming soon.

  • Use your own domains

    Enhance your privacy by using your own domain names with the Paced Email platform.

Platform view of the digest inbox showing several emails that can be replied to, forwarded or downloaded as an eml file.

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Enjoy a calmer inbox

Email is an indispensable tool — but it's also a huge productivity drain. If you're trying to focus and get work done, receiving repetitive notification emails can quickly develop into a distracting habit.

Every time you receive an email, optimal productivity is lost, and it becomes harder to refocus on what you were doing because of a thing called "random intermittent reinforcement". It's the behavioural undercurrent that keeps you compulsively checking your devices.

But by batching up frequent emails into paced summaries, you're able to concentrate more effectively and regain your focus.

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What people are saying

“Paced Email lets you turn frequent messages into batches, so they land in your inbox when you want.”

We've reduced inbox distraction by ~9x.


Keep your inbox calm and distraction free

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Privacy and security at heart. Learn more.

  • Unlimited inbox aliases

  • Unlimited inbound emails

  • Unlimited digests

  • Completely free to use

$5 /mo

Billed annually at $59 USD.

  • Schedule your digest deliveries

  • Filtering and bypass rules to triage your emails

  • Use your own domain names

  • Add unlimited usernames to your account

Take back control of your inbox.
Create custom digest schedules and regain your focus.

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