Paced Email

Helping people curb their email checking habit.

Paced Email is an independently owned and operated product. Founded by Rikki Pitt, Jemcode Limited.

The problem

Email is a huge productivity drain.

Receiving repetitive email notifications can quickly develop into a distracting inbox checking habit.

"Inbox Zero" is an unattainable goal for a lot of us, simply because of the amount of updates, notifications and general spam that we get on a daily basis.

Every time you receive an email, optimal productivity is lost. It becomes harder to refocus on what you were doing because of a thing called "random intermittent reinforcement" – the behavioural undercurrent that keeps you compulsively checking your devices.

How we're fixing it

With our service, batching up frequent emails into paced summaries, you're able to concentrate more effectively and regain your focus.