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Google Chrome extension now available

Now that the rules feature is done and dusted, I am clear to continue developing the rest of the items on the Paced Email roadmap.

Next up? An extension for Google Chrome with the aim to help using and creating aliases whilst browsing the web.

I decided to use VueJS and TailwindCSS to build the first prototype. Within the first few hours I had not only built a decent proof of concept, but I'd managed to get the majority of the functionality down. Not bad going. It certainly shows how productive you can be with the right tools.

Version one had the following self-imposed specifications:

  • Allow users to sign in
  • Present a list of existing email aliases
  • Enable copying of aliases to the clipboard
  • Create new inboxes on the fly

This is what I came up with...

Google approved v.1.0.0 today.

It's available on the Chrome Web Store to install now. Try it out and be sure to leave a quick review if you like it!