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September 2023 product updates

It's been a while since I last updated you about Paced Email. Here's everything that's shipped recently. Enjoy!

Additional in-house domains

​The capability to use new in-house domains in the same way custom domains work (i.e. without the daily/weekly/monthly subdomain) is now available to users on the Premium plan.

I'll continually add new domains to the list, giving you the ultimate one-click burner email experience!

New spam mailbox

​Your mail is now tagged and scored using the mighty SpamAssassin. I've added a new "spam" filter to the sidebar to highlight suspicious emails using this information. Message DKIM and SPF info is accessible, too.

Toggling senders between "safe" or "unsafe" to override default spam analysis is also ready. View the new settings here:​

Improved performance

​Searching for inboxes, messages, domains, etc., is much faster with a few optimisation updates. I've moved the search to the top of the sidebar to make finding it more accessible!

General page loading within the dashboard is also much improved, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Sender "name" for inboxes

​When sending an email, you may now assign a name that shows up in the recipient's email client.


"Support Team" rather than just

Added description to the deleted inbox view

​It's easier to find your deleted inboxes now that the description field is on the deleted list view.

Basic plan

​An entry-level subscription plan for personal use is now available at $5/month. See pricing:

AI digest summaries​

I'll soon release an OpenAI integration so you can choose a third digest layout - "Summarised with AI". If you want early access to this feature, get in touch ASAP!