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November 2022 product updates

Hey! It's been a busy month wrapping up a bunch of features I've been working on, but everything is finally out the door, so it feels like a good time for another update.


​The next time you log into Paced Email, you will notice a significant interface upgrade to your mailbox. The changes have allowed me to incorporate lots of new ideas:

  • 🎉 Sent messages
    ​Finally! One of the most requested features is here! View all the messages you've sent via Paced Email in your new outbox.

  • ⭐️ Stars
    ​Like in many email clients, you can now star your emails. View your starred messages via a new mailbox filter on the left menu.

  • 📦 Archive
    ​Not all emails are important enough to stay in your mailbox, but you may not want to delete them. Use the new archive button to tidy them away instead.

  • 🗑 Bin
    ​Deleted messages transfer to a new mailbox filter called the Bin. They'll remain in there for 30 days before being automatically purged. Made a mistake? You can quickly move the message back to your mailbox or even blow it away forever!

  • ⏱ Pending digest​
    Read any messages that have not yet been sent in a digest using another new filter called "Pending digest".

Mail bulk actions​

Previously, deleting messages had to be done one at a time. Now, you can multi-select your emails and trigger bulk actions against them. Actions include: starring, archiving, deleting, restoring etc.

Filter by inbox alias​

All of the new mailboxes can be filtered by any of your Paced Email addresses using the new dropdown at the top of the page.

Mark as read/unread

​Want to come back to a message later but have already read it? Mark it as unread with the closed mail icon. Conversely, you can swiftly mark everything read to get yourself down to Inbox Zero instantly!

API v1 launch

​You may have noticed the "Developers" tab in your account in preparation for the launch of a public API. If you love coding as much as I do, you'll enjoy creating integrations for Paced Email.

​Get started →

The API will expand as time goes on. If you need a specific endpoint or resource, reply to this email and let me know! Non-developers can email me too and say hi! 👋

New integration: Make (formerly Integromat)

​Connect your Paced Email account to thousand of other products using our new integration:

Black Friday offer​

If you got this far, thanks for reading! Here's a 25% coupon off any subscription to Paced Email for 12 months – BF2022. Feel free to share with friends, I'd really appreciate you spreading the word!

Catch you in the next update!