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Introducing Paced Email rules

Today marks the release of the Paced Email email triaging functionality. You're now able to create flexible workflows to manage your inbox even more effectively.

Dynamic inbox rules was a heavily requested feature. I accepted the challenge and after a few weeks to plan, it's finally ready to launch. I'm super proud of the results. I hope you are too.

So, what are rules?

If this, then that...

Rules are composed of a condition and an action.

Each of your Paced Email inbox aliases has a default rule to add all inbound messages into the normal digest queue. Meaning, you'll get all the messages at the end of the day, week or month depending on what periodicity your alias uses.

Default rules are no different to how Paced Email originally worked.

However, from now on, you are able to add your own custom rules to check your inbound emails for certain criteria.


You want to immediately receive an email when the subject line contains the phrase "important". Rather than wait for the email to land in your digest, set a rule to bypass Paced Email and send it to you straight away.

Getting spam from someone? Set up an ignore rule by matching their email address.

Need to forward some emails from Stripe to your sales team? Then set up a rule and action to do so.

Available fields for editing a rule

Rules are chainable and can cascade if required.

Triage rule example

To learn more, read the documentation for rules.