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FIDO U2F security key support

Paced Email now supports the U2F open authentication standard allowing you to use your security devices to log in securely.

You can use any USB, Lightning, or NFC security key compatible with the FIDO WebAuthn (FIDO2) standard, including Yubico's YubiKey or Google's Titan Key.

Registering your security keys

  1. Go to the "security" tab in account settings.
  2. Click "Add a security key".
  3. When prompted, ensure that your security key is inserted in the appropriate port or connected via NFC and activate it.
  4. Finish by renaming your key for future reference.

Registering at least two FIDO U2F devices is recommended, one for daily use and another for a backup.

Logging in with your security key

  1. Sign in using your email/username and password.
  2. Insert or connect your key when prompted and activate it to continue to your account.

Authenticator app-based login is still available, which you can enable alongside U2F during the signing in process.