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August 2022 product updates

New browser extension updates, signatures for your aliases and new global default templates released!

Global default settings templates

You can now configure each domain you have access to in Paced Email with global settings templates.

Begin creating your custom templates by visiting the General settings tab here:

Set your default/primary domain and change your preferences to select the defaults for the following fields:

  • Periodicity (frequency of your digests - day, week or month)
  • Choose a default day of week/month and time to schedule digests
  • Recipients
  • Additional options like digest format, pausing etc
  • Signature (New! See below!)

So what does it do?

Well, when you next create a new inbox via the web, browser extension or API, the starting settings for the alias will inherit from your templates. You can then tweak before hitting save if you need to. An excellent little time saver for you!

Email signatures

Each inbox has a new field for you to include a signature! Signatures are appended to the composing, replying and forwarding email forms throughout the web platform.

Set domain-level default signatures in the newly announced Global default settings feature mentioned above.

You can delete signatures from the body of outbound messages if you want to send an email without your regular sign-off.

Browser extension v2.1.0 released

All the latest Paced Email updates, including signatures, global defaults, and improved alias creation, are now fully available in all versions of the browser extension.

v2.1.0 is now ready to download. If you already have a previous version, upgrade via one of the following links:

New integrations

I'm currently working on the documentation for a new public API which will mean I can release an integration for Make (formerly Integromat). Keep your eyes peeled for that. If you want to access it early, let me know.

What's next?

Due to popular demand, I will be releasing a much anticipated sent view for the messages you've composed via Paced Email 🙌

I'll be launching a new Standard plan and updating pricing soon. Anyone on the current Premium plan will be grandfathered into the current pricing and will not lose any functionality or features.