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April 2022 product updates

Hey everyone — another Paced Email update to share with you!.

Roadmap and announcements

I'm now using a combined roadmap/ideas/updates system. Feel free to suggest updates and vote on the next features you'd like to see.

Improved compose

There's now more space for composing new emails, replying and forwarding. You can also format text (bold, italic, links etc.) and add inline attachments such as images and PDFs when sending messages.

New settings

I've added a new settings tab to introduce "global" defaults. The first available option is to allow you to disable the on-the-fly alias auto-creation. Not everyone wants to have new inboxes created on the fly, so you now can turn the feature off if you don't need it. More settings coming soon.

Internal forwarding

Using the rules, you may now forward inbound messages from one alias to another. There's a limit of 3 internal forwards. That should be enough for you to create some great workflows and organise your digests.

Read/unread filter

All mailbox and digest views now have a read/unread icon and filter so you can keep track of which emails you've seen.

Unified mailbox

You may have noticed the new unified mailbox that shows all emails your aliases receive in one convenient view.

Fully delete inbox aliases

Paced Email allows you to restore deleted inboxes. If you're sure you don't need it anymore, you can now entirely and securely remove inboxes from your deleted list.

Assign recipients when creating new inboxes

You can now assign teammates as inbox recipients when creating new custom aliases via the web platform. It should save you some time by doing it in one go.

New integrations

Zapier, Integrately, and FlowMattic integrations are now generally available for you to create custom workflows. These turned out great, and I'm excited to see what everyone builds with this stuff!

I've got lots more exciting new Paced Email stuff in the works, so keep an eye out for those update emails 🙌

By the way, if you're looking for a free email forwarding service, I've just released a new email product called Vend Email. Check it out! A bridge between Paced and Vend Email will be coming very soon!