The simplest way to tame your inbox

Reduce distraction by bundling your email into digests – sent on your schedule.

Calm email with added privacy and identity protection.

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How it works

Decide when emails hit your inbox

Use personalised or anonymous Paced Email addresses to buffer yourself from messages until you want them. Batch by day, week or month into convenient digests.


Create a Paced Email

Generate anonymous or personalised email addresses on the fly or via your browser.


Use them anywhere

Sign up to websites and newsletters using your new email aliases.


Enjoy your quieter inbox

Your inbound emails are batched up and sent to you either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Ivan N.

Ivan N.

5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic piece of software — it easily helps keep my inbox manageable by allowing me to set when I receive non-priority emails. I receive a digest at a specified time and it keeps everything nice and tidy.

Usman L.

Usman L.

5 out of 5 stars

I use this tool for notifications and it delivers all the notifications in a digest as per my schedule. So, instead of getting a lot of emails on daily basis, I received digests per day. This is one of the best investments I made. I highly recommend this software for everyday email use. You can filter all your nonessential emails in digests and still keep them in your email inbox. I love it.

One-click temporary burner emails

Create disposable email addresses from your browser with our Safari, Chrome and Firefox compatible addon.

Anonymously shield your real identity from companies and advertisers who want to track you online.

Block and unblock them anytime you want.

Browser email field icon

Paced Email is something I have been waiting for and that no other productivity tool was offering. A brilliant, smart, useful tool that I am deeply grateful for.

Boris Zatezic profile
Boris Zatezic
CEO, MuLondon

Protect your identity and your time. Join 1000s of happy users.

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Prevent email burnout

Schedule when senders are allowed your attention with our highly customisable email digests.

Condense multiple email distractions into a single digest by batching them by day, week or month.

Alias dashboard with statistics and previous digests

Program your inbox like never before

Apply custom rules to your inbound email. Ignore, forward, or even bypass Paced Email for certain senders altogether to curate your inbox experience.

Alias rules form

Compose now, reply later

Send and reply to email directly from your aliases. Deal with responses in bulk when your digest arrives.

Send email directly from the product using the compose and reply features

Use anonymously and securely

Add your domain names or create pseudonyms for increased online anonymity and safety.

Two-factor authentication available via your favourite authenticator app or using FIDO U2F security devices.

Add your domains to personalise your temporary email addresses

Productivity and focus boosting email

Get a single email notification for a group of emails rather than random distractions throughout your day.

Unlimited inboxes

Create unlimited email addresses with a Premium plan.

Multiple accounts

Invite team members to use and manage your accounts.


Send email instantly. Replies arrive on your schedule.

Spam busting

Block and unsubscribe from senders with minimal effort.

Once you have chosen a username, you just create a new e-mail address on-the-fly. It then forwards messages to your primary e-mail at the pace you want. You have to try it to understand the brilliance.

Per Axbom profile
Per Axbom
Coach & Designer, Axbom Innovation AB

Handy little service!

Profile avatar of Ben Orenstein

Ben Orenstein

CEO of Tuple

Email batching — at your own pace. This is going to make a lot of people very happy.

Profile avatar of Alexis Wagner

Alexis Wagner

Manager at June

I love that Paced Email exists.

Profile avatar of Christian Genco

Christian Genco

Founder of

I've wanted this exact thing for so long!

Profile avatar of Tyler M King

Tyler King

CEO of Less Annoying CRM

Love this. Minimizing unneeded user-interface interaction via seamless URL manipulation is becoming a nice trend.

Profile avatar of Mike Carbone

Mike Carbone

CTO @useArcade

Lovely product, great support.

Profile avatar of Ken Moo

Ken Moo

Founder at Content Loop Digital

This service was useful from day one and with the addition of the Chrome Extension the usability has just gone up another level. Very useful, strong recommendation.

Profile avatar of David Hall

David Hall

Recruiter at TOPCHEFS

This is a very neat idea. Just by changing the email address you use, you can combine emails to a single address into a digest format.

Profile avatar of Deane Barker

Deane Barker

Senior Director at episerver

I'm just fascinated by how much I love Paced Email. The usability and usefulness of just providing a unique, paced alias for all online services.

Profile avatar of Per Axbom

Per Axbom

Axbom Innovation AB

Browser extensions

Grab your aliases or create new ones while browsing the web.

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