Getting started

To get started, sign up for a free account with the username of your choice.

Next, create an email alias for use on the service that contacts you too often. Choose an inbox name for it and decide how frequently you wish to receive the digest email.


Let's say your username is johndoe and you want to slow down your GitHub notifications to a more manageable weekly email. You can now use the following as your email:

Use your custom email address in place of your regular email address on the website or service.

Inbox names

Inbox names are not limited to single words, you can also use full domain names.


The inbox name generated is anything after the first dot following your username.


Introduced in May 2020, Paced Email now supports aliases without an inbox name. E.g.

Browser extensions

Install the Google Chrome Extension here for easily adding new aliases. Single-click to copy existing aliases as you browse the web.

Firefox and Safari versions coming soon.

Are you waiting for an important email?

Sometimes you might want to expedite your summary email. Say, you're waiting for a password reset message and need it now, you can manually trigger your digest before it's due. To do so, visit your Inboxes page when logged in and click "Get digest now" for the required alias.

Alternatively, use the rules functionality.


To see all the available periodicities, click here.

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