Available options

The following digest periodicities are currently supported for email aliases:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


  • johndoe@daily.paced.email
  • johndoe.shopify@daily.paced.email
  • johndoe.stripe@weekly.paced.email
  • johndoe.github@monthly.paced.email

Digest scheduling

By default, Paced Email automatically send digest emails on the following GMT/UTC schedule:

Periodicity Sent at
Daily Midnight
Weekly Midnight, on Sunday
Monthly Midnight, on the last day of the month

Premium user accounts are able to choose the day and time digests are sent:

Choose what time and day digests are sent according to which periodicity is selected

Periodicity Timing options (Premium accounts)
Daily Hour of day
Weekly Hour of day, day of week
Monthly Hour of day, day of month

Custom schedules

If you would like your notifications on a schedule throughout the day, e.g. 9am, 12pm, 3pm. Please get in touch for help with getting set up.

Email triage

As of July 2020, email triaging is available. Set up rules to filter, bypass and ignore certain keywords in your inbound email subject lines and from address.

Further information

Curious as to how Paced Email works? Click here to find out how it was built.

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